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What is Toxic Mold?

Mold is a minuscule organism that grows from spores. There are estimated to be in excess of 100,000 varieties of mold within the World and they are nearly everywhere within our atmosphere. They are frequently dormant and do not present problems. In fact, molds are part of the normal ecosystem and play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic substance such as fallen leaves and dead trees. Nevertheless, at home, mold growth ought to be avoided. When it settles on a surface under the appropriate moisture and temperature conditions they start to amplify and begin to grow and multiply (colonize).

Toxic mold and your health

Certain types of molds are capable of creating a set of compounds also known as mycotoxins. Identifying mold is critical because it is a familiar cause of bronchial asthma and/or allergic consequence with sensitized people. For these people, subjection to molds can produce disorders such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Several people, such as those with significant allergy symptoms to molds, may perhaps have more severe reactions such as memory loss or awful lung problems. It’s thought that mycotoxins are more apt to set-off physical condition problems in even fit individuals.

Mold and your mood

Not simply unhealthy for your lungs, mold might play a role in depressive disorders risk, says a report published in the American Journal of Public Health. In surveying almost 6,000 European adults, research workers found a connection between living in a moldy house and depression disorder. “Depressed people are almost certainly less prone to take good care of their households, which in part explains the link,” says epidemiologist and lead study author Edmond Shenassa. But preliminary support also suggests that mold could weaken the function of a human brain region responsible for regulating emotion. Mold-related health troubles, like wheezing and fatigue, might also influence despression symptoms risk, states Shenassa. “If you’re ill from mold, and you think you can’t get rid of it, that may well influence your mental health”, he notes.

Mold Remediation Orange County Ca

If you think there may be mold in your home or business call for a professional evaluation. Gregory Restoration has been the trusted contractor for mold remediation orange county ca since 1993. Call us today to schedule a free inspection. 949-366-1930

Posted by Bill Gregory, Owner, and Restoration Consultant for Gregory Cleaning & Restoration

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