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Black mold removal is a type of microscopic organism or fungi that grows in damp environments and there are almost 200,000 types, most of which are not dangerous. They thrive on soil, air, and almost everywhere, as long as there is wetness, oxygen, and some organic substance. Certain sorts of black mold are found inside soil, plants, and even crops like corn and wheat. It likes damp and shady places and can be found indoors throughout the Orange County CA area.

How black mold survives

For black mold to stay alive, they flourish on four factors: mold spores that are in the air and easily inhaled by humans, food (black mold likes carbon based organic material for them to feed on), temperature (molds like the same temperature human beings do), and lastly, moisture (black molds enjoy humidity).

Types of toxic black mold

If there are harmless types of mold, there are also hazardous kinds of black mold in Orange County CA that can cause severe health problems. An example of this kind of black mold removal is referred to as Toxic Mold or Black Mold, which sends unsafe spores called Mycotoxins into the environment making it dangerous for humans. These Mycotoxins interfere with our cell and DNA function resulting in severe health problems. Some of these dangerous molds are identified as Stachybotrys Mold or Black Mold, Penicillum, and Aspergillus. These kinds of black mold have been known to bring about illnesses such as skin rashes, memory problems, respiratory sickness, and even brain damage.

Hidden black molds

Black molds can also be seen or inspected right away but in a number of cases, molds are hidden. They can hide in places such as behind walls, inside air ducts, below carpets, and other concealed places. Hidden mold is even more dangerous because it can spread without you knowing about it. Look for repetitive signs of nasal blockage and clearing of throat because they are common indicators of airborne black mold spores in your home. In addition, check behind walls, beneath cabinets, in addition to beneath floor covering as well as in the air ducts. In Orange County, water damaged carpets are vulnerable to mold growth as well as under bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Looking into a portion of a wall cavity could also show signs of a black mold removal problem.

What does mold look like?

You must also know how to look for black mold removal. They have a cotton-like form and can be gray, black, or white. For successful black mold removal you’ll need to look for molds, starting with the basement. In Orange County, a basement is oftentimes subject to flooding and water damage. Check for water stains on ceilings and walls and determine if there is presence of a moldy smell. An odor test can also be done. It is easy because the scent of mold is almost unmistakable. They have an extremely distinctive “musty” smell that can be hard to miss. Molds may also posses an “earthy” smell but do not only rely on your sense of smell only, because some kinds of black mold removal have a subtle smell and sometimes, none at all.

DIY mold tests

Do-It -Yourself Mold Testing Kits are commonly accessible in hardware stores. While these kits might now and then be helpful, hiring a professional to check your house for the existence of black mold, elevated wetness or water damage, a professional black mold removal inspection in orange county is still the best option.

Black mold removal in Orange County, Ca

Black mold removal should be taken seriously. If black mold is present in your Orange County CA house or workplace, think about taking action immediately to fix the problem. This will help alleviate any further interior air quality problems for you and your family. Make contact with the orange county black mold removal experts to have your home inspected for toxic black mold.

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Posted by Bill Gregory, Owner, and Restoration Consultant for Gregory Restoration.

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