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Why Should I Get My Home Inspected?

There you are, standing in the entryway of what you hope to be your new home. You have pictured which of your children will fill each of the rooms, you have already started placing your furniture around in your head, you can smell dinner cooking in that gorgeous kitchen with all the new appliances, your kids are playing in the spacious yard, you are ready to make an offer. But wait; do you know what lies underneath all of the outer beauty of what you hope to be your family’s new home? There could be black mold in the walls, a leak in the septic tank, broken shingles on the roof, insufficient insulation in the walls, plumbing or electrical issues, any many other problems that you may not see until you have already made this house a home.

It is crucial to get your home inspected by a professional, licensed inspector or general contractor. They may very well find things within the home that you could never see on your own, things that the current owner should fix before selling the home, or change the price of the home. You do not want to end up getting a “lemon” because you loved what you saw and did not bother to contact a professional because you did not think that there was anything wrong with your dream home.

A physical inspection of a house should definitely be part of your purchase contract as a condition of closing the sale. The owner may have already had an inspection done and present you with the inspection report. It is wise to never rely on that inspection alone, you never know whom you are dealing with and they could have chosen an inspector known for not finding all of the underlying problems within a home. For your own protection, you should have one or more inspections done yourself, while you are present. Before you get an inspection, you should ask the seller for a disclosure about the condition of the house or any known problems or hazards that are known of in the house. In some states (California included), sellers are required to disclose this information. Not all sellers may know of all issues in the house, or may not be honest about them. The purpose of getting this information is to let your inspector know so that they can check these things out for you.

Most buyers get the property inspected when they are in contract to purchase the home. The buyer also schedules the inspections themselves. It is a good idea to also pre-inspect the home yourself to see if there is anything obviously wrong in the home (it is best to do this before making an offer on the home).

What does an inspector look for? When you take the step to get the home inspected, they inspect the home inside and out, top to bottom. A professional inspector will look for many different things in these major areas: structural components, exterior faults, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating/air conditioning, insulation/ventilation, and interiors/appliances.

To best protect yourself, and your checkbook, it is best to not necessarily go with the home inspector that the seller or real estate agent recommends. You definitely want someone who is going to be honest and thorough, like when you are looking for a car mechanic. You should look into the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) at www.ashi.com. If you know a good general contractor that is honest, they would also be a good choice.

The home inspector is going to check out all of the functions of the house from top to bottom. This entire process will take roughly two to three hours and cost you about $200 to $500, these numbers of course depend on the size of the home, age of the home, and type of the home. It is recommended to attend the inspection that way all of the terms that will appear in your written report will not seem like a foreign language to you. You will know how major or minor a problem is and be able to ask questions.

In addition to your home inspection, it is wise to have a mold inspection, or moisture inspection to check for any potential mold growth or water damage within your home. These types of inspections should be performed by a certified restoration company. Some home inspectors will check for this, but most of them will not include this because it is outside of their scope of practice and do not want to be held liable for not finding anything crucial such as mold or water damage, as that can ultimately be dangerous to your health. Mold can be hiding in many places of the home without being obvious that it is there. Mold is definitely not something to be ignored, it is especially dangerous to people with respiratory problems, the elderly, pregnant women and newborn babies. Mold Inspection Orange County.

Fire damage is also another thing that you will want to watch out for. If there has been any fire damage in the home, there will more then likely be a very strong odor and major smoke damage. If not properly treated, this can create issues later down the road. A fire damage restoration contractor can also neutralize the indoor air quality that a fire can greatly pollute.

A couple of other things to take into consideration are to get a pest report (separate from the general inspector, you will need to hire a pest control company) to check for extra issues such as termites or beetles. You may also want to get a specialized inspection if you live in an area known for natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. Also, a specialized inspection is a good idea if you live near environmental health hazards such s mold, asbestos, and lead.

After you have had your inspection and are satisfied with the results, you can then proceed with the home buying process with an ease of mind and know that you are getting what you are paying for.

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 Posted by Bill Gregory, Owner, and Restoration Consultant for Gregory Restoration

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