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Gregory Restoration serves customers throughout Orange County and southern California, including San Juan Capistrano and surrounding areas. The mold removal experts at Gregory Restoration have access to the latest technology that allows them to restore all types of property damage and remove the residual effects of black mold, a house fire, flood or any other natural disaster. With Gregory Restoration, you can get back into your clean, safe home quickly.

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San Juan Capistrano Mold Remediation—Choosing the Right Options

Gregory Restoration will help you with your San Juan Capistrano mold remediation and other repair needs. We can help you restore and retain as much of your property as possible and ensure that everything will be left clean and sanitized. No matter how damaged your property, we are ready to help you restore it to its original condition.

Gregory Restoration: Professional Mold Cleanup Services

For many years, Gregory Restoration has been serving the needs of San Juan Capistrano residents. Gregory Restoration is willing to help you clean up and restore the mold and water damage in your home no matter how badly it is damaged.  Our services are varied and include:

  • Mold remediationMold could not only damage your home but also cause you and your family to become ill. Certain types of mold are very dangerous to your health, and the spores can easily be spread with the wrong cleaning methods.  Gregory Restoration has the services and skills to clean mold from your home without spreading it and to prevent mold from occurring with the right chemicals and techniques.
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration. Smoke damage is far more common than damage from flames during a fire. In fact, smoke damage is usually the biggest problem facing homeowners after a house fire. Smoke is not the wispy substance it appears to be.  Instead, it is full of harsh chemicals and particulates that can land on your furniture, carpets, drapes and walls and quickly ruin them. Gregory Restoration understands how to fix the problem of smoke, soot and residue in your home with the right cleaning products and techniques. We will help you remove soot and smoke from your house without damaging your delicate items. No matter what is affected by smoke damage, there is usually a way to clean or restore it.  Gregory Restoration also works with you to ensure that your home is free from water damage caused by the use of fire hoses and other measures to put out the fire.  We can clean carpets, drapes, furniture and other items that are affected by water, smoke or both.
  • Home reconstruction. In some cases, homes must be partially or fully rebuilt after a disaster.  If this is the case, Gregory Restoration can work with you to restore your home to its former state.  We know that this is a trying time for you, so our biggest concern is seeing you and your family back in your residence as soon as possible. We will work with you to make the process simple and to restore you and your family to your home in the fastest and easiest way possible. Even with whole-house reconstruction, we can help you transition through the process seamlessly by working with all the people involved in returning your home to its original condition.

Gregory Restoration is your specialist for mold remediation in San Juan Capistrano as well as other cities throughout Orange County and southern California. We offer a full line of cleaning, restoration and reconstruction services that will quickly give you the help you need to recover from mold damage at your property. We have a full line of products and mold removal services to restore your damaged property, and our technicians are fully trained and able to use the latest technology to make your water damage and mold remediation easier.

Mold Removal in San Juan Capistrano 949-366-1930

Gregory Restoration provides mold removal in San Juan Capistrano and the following services:

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