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One of the most unanticipated natural disaster events for any homeowner is a flood.  Floods can happen to individual homeowners or businesses because of structural problems such as leaks, or can occur on a small or widespread basis due to local flooding.  Similarly, house fires can happen at any time and affect Las Flores homeowners with damage to their residences that must be addressed if the family is to continue living in the home. Gregory Restoration works with Las Flores homeowners to solved mold, mildew and water damage issues as well as damage from smoke and soot.

Las Flores Mold Remediation—Choose A Professional For Help

When you need Las Flores mold remediation, water damage cleanup, fire damage control or any other cleanup or remediation service, contact Gregory Restoration. For years we have been providing Orange County with fast, effective and efficient cleanup services with the latest and best in technology and professional expertise. Our work is guaranteed; call us and get the job done right the first time.

Gregory Restoration:  A Professional Mold Cleanup Service

Gregory Restoration offers a complete line of professional cleanup help and remediation service for those living in Las Flores and throughout Orange County. Gregory Restoration can provide mold remediation as well as other services, all of which are guaranteed to give you satisfaction and effective results.  Gregory Restoration’s list of remediation services includes:

  • Mold remediation. Gregory Restoration understands how dangerous mold can be to you and your family.  Certain types of mold can cause very serious reactions and lead to illnesses that can be easily prevented with proper mold testing and treatment.  However, most homeowners do not know the right way to deal with mold.  In fact, it is a common problem for homeowners to make mold infestations worse by improper cleaning methods. Instead of tackling your mold problems alone, contact Gregory Restoration for professional mold growth assessment and assistance.
  • Fire and smoke damage restorationSmoke damage often accounts for a great deal of the cost of a home fire.  In fact, smoke damage is easily the most common problem facing homeowners even after a minor fire.  Not only may your home have been permeated with smoke but the firefighters who responded to the call may have soaked everything in water, making cleanup even more difficult.  Before you begin throwing items away, however, contact Gregory Restoration.  We know how to help you recover your personal items and even remove smoke and soot from carpets, drapes and walls.
  • Home reconstruction. No matter how much we may want to salvage homes and personal property, there are times when no salvage is possible.  In these circumstances, destroying the house and rebuilding may be the only option.  Gregory Restoration is ready to help you recover as much as possible of your property and rebuild the rest.  We can provide personal support and advice during the home reconstruction process and help you get back to your normal life as soon as possible. You owe it to yourself and your family to take steps to rebuild quickly and Gregory Restoration can help.

Gregory Restoration has been performing quality mold remediation in Las Flores for many years.  It is difficult to imagine a company with more experience or exposure to all types of mold cleanup than Gregory Restoration. Our highly trained experts have worked with homeowners throughout Orange County to give the very best and most effective mold assessment, remediation, restoration and reconstruction services possible after a fire, flood or other disaster event. Gregory Restoration’s goals is to give you the best possible service, to stand behind our work and to restore you and your family to your home in the shortest time possible. At Gregory Restoration, we take our commitment to our customers seriously and we do not stop until the job is done right.

Expert Mold Remediation Services in Las Flores, CA

Gregory Restoration does more than just clean up the debris and water left after a flood or fire. We also provide professional mold remediation services and contamination removal and prevention for smoke, mold and water damage. We stand behind our results and offer a full line of services to meet all of your cleanup and remediation requirements, including:

  • Identifying and locating sources of moisture that could lead to infestation
  • Using the latest techniques and tools to locate mold and identify colonies
  • Assessing damage caused by water and reporting on damage scope to homeowners and insurance companies
  • Assessing mold growth using the latest methods and industry-approved technology
  • Preventing the spread of mold by taking proper containment precautions
  • Removal of all affected materials to prevent contamination in other areas of the home
  • Decontaminating those items affected by mold that can be cleaned and restored to their original condition
  • Testing for mold growth after cleanup to ensure that the problem does not return
  • Reconstruction services and support when repair in not feasible
  • Assessment of damage caused by mold to all areas of the home
  • Leak detection and repair to prevent moisture issues
  • Assessment of the scope of damage caused by a water event
  • Black mold and toxic substance removal and treatment with safe, effective methods
  • Abatement of all existing mold with follow-up testing
  • Cleanup of all areas affected by mold or other infestations
  • Use of the latest techniques to prevent future mold growth
  • Treatment of pathogens and bacterial with anti-microbial measures
  • Deodorization and freshening of all areas in the home for a clean smell
  • Filtering and purification of the air to prevent spread of mold or other pathogens
  • Property restoration, real and personal, whenever possible
  • Five-year warranty on all work performed and guarantee of no mold return

It is important to remember that mold remediation is not a job you can do on your own. You need the help of an IICRC trained professional, and Gregory Restoration is ready to help. We can offer you fast, professional and compassionate service. We know that getting back into your home is your top priority, and we want to make that happen safely for you.

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