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Expert Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Services on Balboa Island, CA

With total mold and damage remediation services, Gregory Restoration is the place to call for any type of disaster damage to your Balboa Island property.  Whether you have been the victim of a flood, a fire or some other type of disaster, Gregory Restoration promises fast, convenient and professional cleanup services for your home.  Mold, water and smoke damage are no match for the professionals at Gregory Restoration.

Gregory Restoration can handle the cleanup and repair needs of any homeowners in Orange County and southern California, including Balboa Island.  We have the skills and technology to treat property damage of all types, including damage from a house firenatural disaster such as a flood or a mold infestation.  Within the shortest possible time, Gregory Restoration can have you back in your home with the assurance that the house is clean and safe for your family.

Choosing Gregory Restoration for your Balboa Island mold remediation job gives you the peace of mind of knowing that experts are going to help you restore your property.  You also gain the help of a staff who is compassionate, friendly and professional.  We take a great deal of pride in our experts who can retrieve as much as possible of your property, including your personal possessions.  We vow to give you the very best possible mold and damage remediation service in the business.


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Balboa Island Mold Remediation—A Great Way To Make Things Right

No matter what type or extent of damage your home has suffered, Gregory Restoration will be there to give you the very best service and put things right for you and your family.  Even if your home seems to be damaged beyond repair, we can offer cleaning and restoration services that will amaze you with their results.  Call Gregory Restoration for your mold, water and smoke damage restoration and remediation needs.

Gregory Restoration:  Professional Balboa Island Remediation Service

For years, Gregory Restoration has been the company to which Balboa Island residents turn for cleanup and damage restoration and remediation.  Whatever the damage, Gregory Restoration has techniques and products to use in cleanup that will restore the home quickly.  Gregory Restoration offers full cleanup and restoration services including:

  • Water damage. While the most common water damage issues tend to be caused by localized flooding, there are also other types of water damage, including that caused by burst pipes, leaking hot water heaters and other appliances.  Flooding is one of the most common insurance loss claims for homeowners and can involve salt or fresh water, depending on the location.  Even if you are not in a “flood area,” you may one day experience flooding.  Gregory Restoration takes flood repair seriously, because we know how devastating this problem can be.  Gregory Restoration experts understand that there is not only the physical loss by the psychological toll as well.  We know that floods have the ability to destroy a home and cause a long-term mold problem, so we take cleanup of floods very seriously.  We offer complete water damage treatment, including removal of standing water, treatment of carpets, furniture and drapes and even restoration and repair of personal items.  We clean and refresh your home not only so that you can get back to normal but also to reduce the risk of illness that can be caused by flood-borne pathogens and molds.
  • Mold remediation. Some mold infestations are harmless, but some are very dangerous.  In fact, certain types of mold are toxic and can quickly cause illness in your family.  You may not even realize you have a mold problem until a professional inspects your home.  However, if you have had any type of flooding or water damage to your home, the chances of a mold growth at some point are very high.  Therefore, it is vital that you call Gregory Restoration whenever you have experienced any type of water leaks or damage.  Gregory Restoration is ready to help you with all of your mold issues, treating and cleaning your home so that you and your family with stay healthy and safe.
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration.  After a fire, it is actually more common to have smoke damage than burn damage.  Most house fires are put out quickly before they engulf and destroy the home, but smoke can reach into every area of the house.  Smoke damage can be extremely detrimental to your furnishings, walls and personal items.  Smoke includes many corrosive and toxic ingredients that can permeate all areas of your home.  It is important to ask for professional help if you have soot or smoke damage on any of your furniture, as trying to clean this yourself can further damage your items.  Gregory Restoration is available at all hours of the day or night to help you clean up and remove soot and smoke damage quickly and safely.
  • Home reconstruction. Gregory Restoration makes every effort to help you salvage your home and your personal items.  However, when water or fire damage is very bad, you may need a complete reconstruction of part or all of your home.  Gregory Restoration can help guide you through this process and ensure that the new reconstruction work is done properly and professionally as well as on time.

With full-service mold remediation in Balboa Island as well as other areas of Orange County, Gregory Restoration is the place to call in southern California for mold, water and fire damage.  Whatever the extent of the damage, Gregory Restoration has a full line of products, services and professional help to ensure that your restoration job is done right.

We provide you with technical expertise and friendly service that will make your restoration or remediation experience as pleasant as possible.  Call us today if you have been the victim of a fire, flood or other disaster and we will help you recover your home and peace of mind quickly.

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Gregory Restoration provides mold removal on Balboa Island and the following services:

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