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Gregory Restoration is the company to call when you suffer from a fire, flood or mold damage in your Anaheim home. Gregory Restoration has years of experience in negating the effects of water, mold and smoke damage and can help you take back control of your property. Whether you are the victim of a natural disaster or a personal issue such as a house fire, Gregory Restoration will help you control the damage and fix everything so that your home is left clean and safe for your family.

Gregory Restoration uses the latest techniques and proven products to treat all types of property damage. We can help you recover from a house fire, a flood or other natural disaster or any other type of damage your home has sustained. With our proven techniques, we can remove water, mold, soot, smoke and other damaging substance from your home and leave you with a fresh, clean and restored property for you and your family.

Choosing Gregory Restoration for your Anaheim mold remediation job is a wise decision. You will gain the assistance of an experienced staff who cares about your personal loss and does not see you as just a “job.” Our cleaning and remediation experts spend hours working on your home to preserve as much as possible and ensure that you are given the very best service, no matter how bad the damage to your property may be. We strive to restore your home to its original state, no matter what type of disaster you have experienced.

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Anaheim Mold Remediation—Options for City Residents

Anaheim Hills is the largest city in Orange County and the tenth-largest in California. As such, Anaheim features hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, all of which may be vulnerable to natural disasters.  Anaheim residents can experience flooding, fires and other problems that need the personal attention and skills of Gregory Restoration.

Gregory Restoration can provide the right mold cleanup and restoration services to Anaheim homeowners no matter how badly damaged their houses or what caused the damage in the first place.  Our experts can help you with water cleanup from a flood or burst pipe, fire or smoke damage from a house fire and even mold cleanup and prevention. No matter what your Anaheim home needs, Gregory Restoration has the skills, knowledge and techniques to get you back to normal quickly.

Gregory Restoration:  Professional Remediation Services

Anaheim residents know that Gregory Restoration is the place to go for flood damage remediation as well as fire damage cleanup and restoration. We offer a complete lineup of services, products and technologies to address any home restoration or cleanup issue, including:

  • Water damage. If you have experienced flooding in your home, whether it was due to a faulty appliance or a natural flood, it is very important that you seek professional cleanup assistance immediately.  Not only is your home likely to suffer permanent damage due to water that is not cleaned up but mold and bacteria can begin to grow almost immediately.  Gregory Restoration will work with you to ensure that your home is taken care of and that your family is safe from the effects of water damage.  Our experts are skilled at finding and removing water in all the areas of your home and in preventing mold growth after water cleanup.
  • Mold remediationMold is sometimes harmless, but in many cases it can severely damage your home and possessions and in some cases it can be toxic.  If you have members of your family who suffer from breathing problems or other issues, mold could cause them serious illnesses.  In other people, it may cause skin rashes and digestive problems. Gregory Restoration has the equipment and techniques to identify mold growth even in hidden areas.  Once we have identified mold growth, we use the right methods to treat it and remove it without spreading the mold to the rest of your home.
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration. While smoke damage can be serious, you have a much better chance of saving your possessions if you have a professional treat your home immediately after a fire. Smoke damage can cause corrosion of delicate items and often leaves a terrible smell throughout the home, even the parts that were not damaged by a fire.  Fortunately, Gregory Restoration has the ability to help you take care of the smoke damage quickly and professionally and get your home back to its original, beautiful condition. Gregory Restoration can help you save valuable items from destruction by smoke and soot and can clean and refresh your home so that your family can get back to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.
  • Home reconstruction. There are cases were restoration is just not possible. In some serious cases of damage by flood or fire, the only answer is reconstruction. If part of your home has been damaged by water or smoke to the point that it must be rebuilt, Gregory Restoration can help you through this process and ultimately restore your home to its original condition. We understand that this is a traumatic and emotional time for you, so we will help you in any way we can to get through this troublesome time and get your family back to normal.

For mold remediation in Anaheim, there is no better company to call than Gregory Restoration. We offer full service to Anaheim, Orange County and all of southern California. You may need full-scale, whole-home cleanup after a flood or service for only one room, but we will give you the same great professional care no matter what the size of the job.

Our friendly staff can work with you to quickly take care of all your water, mold and smoke damage problems. We will give you the very best assistance and the most professional cleaning help available, all at a reasonable price. Contact Gregory Restoration today to learn more about how we can help.

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