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If you need quick and professional cleanup after a fire, flood or natural disaster, Gregory Restoration is the place to call.  For many years, Gregory Restoration has been handling mold remediation in Aliso Viejo and throughout Orange County as well as cleanup from house fires and help for home and business owners who have experienced the effects of a natural disaster.  Aliso Viejo residents and business owners know that Gregory Restoration provides fast, professional cleanup and guaranteed results.

Mold Remediation in Aliso ViejoIt Is Important To Find The Right Company

Gregory Restoration guarantees that our work will be done right the first time.  We promise that our work on your mold remediation in Aliso Viejo will never need a second look because we do it right the first time.  Unlike some companies that leave you with the possibility of future mold growth, we use the latest technology to ensure that we get every bit of mold out of your home or business safely so there are no recurrences.

Gregory Restoration:  A Professional Aliso Viejo Cleanup Service

Gregory Restoration offers a full spectrum of disaster cleanup services.  Unlike some companies, we do not only come in and mop up the water.  Instead, we approach the entire process of disaster cleanup as a whole, giving our attention to every aspect of the job before and after the actual cleaning work.  Gregory Restoration can offer a full lineup of services, including:

  • Water damageFlooding can happen in a moment when a water pipe bursts, a hot water heater malfunctions or even when a creek or river overflows its banks.  Depending on how much water is involved and the level to which it rises in your home, flooding can be minor or severe.  Gregory Restoration can come to your home and handle flood damage quickly.  With state-of-the-art techniques and help for those who are experiencing flood damage, Gregory Restoration quickly removes water and addresses the problems that come from wet carpets, floors, wallboard, ceilings or basements.
  • Mold remediation. There are several types of mold that can be dangerous to animals and humans.  Mold grows in damp spaces that are not properly dried or aired out after water damage has occurred.  A few species of mold cause serious reactions in some people when they come into contact with the spores, the airborne particles mold puts out to reproduce.  These symptoms can range from minor skin rashes to gastrointestinal issues to full-blown asthma and respiratory distress.  Mold can be a health hazard and it is easy to spread it if you use the wrong cleanup techniques.  If you accidentally spread the mold, the problem may grow exponentially worse.  Gregory Restoration can help you handle your mold problems with professional, safe service that is guaranteed to solve the mold issue and keep your family healthy.
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration.  Smoke damage often occurs during a fire.  While few homes are completely gutted by a fire, it is not at all uncommon for even a small house fire to do a great deal of smoke damage and soot damage.  Fortunately, Gregory Restoration can help you recover from smoke and soot damage and protect your valuable possessions with professional cleaning techniques that will restore as much as possible of your prized valuables.
  • Home reconstruction. In some cases, reconstruction work must take place after a home fire or flood.  In this case, Gregory Restoration works with the homeowner to achieve as much as possible of the old look and feel of the home.  We know that there are many things that people lose in a disaster.  We do not believe your memories should be one of them.

Gregory Restoration is proud to build a reputation on honesty and integrity.  We stand behind all of our work with a guarantee to you that when we perform a cleanup it is always done with the greatest degree of professionalism.  We use the right techniques, the right training and the right tools to get the job done and allow you to reap the benefits of a thorough and complete mold remediation job.  At Gregory Restoration, we work with you to offer friendly, professional service and allow you to salvage as much as possible from a disaster.  You will always know that you are receiving the very best in professional service and our personal guarantee that the work we do will last for years to come.

For the very best mold remediation in Aliso Viejo, Gregory Restoration can offer you professional service and a guaranteed outcome.  Unlike many companies, we stand behind our work and use only the best industry-approved techniques to give you a clean, healthy home or business, no matter what type of damage remediation you need.

Expert Mold Remediation in Aliso Viejo, CA

At Gregory Restoration, we know that it takes more than a few mops and buckets to do a thorough cleanup after a disaster.  We have years of experience in providing you with expert service and disaster mitigation that is unsurpassed by any other company.  Our services include a full lineup of techniques and offerings that cover every aspect of disaster cleanup.  Gregory Restoration will:

  • Locate the source of any incoming moisture using the latest technology
  • Locate any mold damage using the latest techniques and tools
  • Assess and report on the full scope of water damage for you and your insurance company
  • Assess and report on the growth of mold throughout the home’s hidden spaces
  • Contain any growing mold to prevent contamination throughout the rest of the home
  • Remove moldy building materials, drywall, flooring or other contents from the home
  • Decontaminate all personal items and home areas that are affected by the mold growth
  • Perform clearance tests on all possible contaminated areas to check for any new mold growth
  • Rebuild mold-damaged areas if those areas cannot be repaired
  • Assess and report on all mold damage for homeowner and insurance purposes
  • Detect leaks that may have developed or caused water damage
  • End water flow and moisture contamination through proper leak repair
  • Assess the level of water damage assessment for homeowner and insurance purposes
  • Remove of toxic and black mold as well as other contaminants
  • Implement proven mold abatement strategies
  • Remove and clean mold and mildew from all areas
  • Perform mold damage repair as necessary
  • Use encapsulation techniques for anti-microbial tactics to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Deodorize and decontaminate all areas for a fresh, clean scent
  • Filter and purify air to prevent spreading contaminants
  • Restore as much property as possible through decontamination and restoration techniques
  • Warrant all mold removal services for five years after the date of service

Whether you live in Aliso Viejo or anywhere else in Orange County, contact Gregory Restoration for all your damage restoration needs.

Why Do I Need a Mold Removal Specialist for My Cleanup?

Gregory Restoration is a professional company that offers services for mold removal that are safe and effective.  Mold removal is not a DIY job; in fact, you can easily make the problem worse by attacking it in the wrong way.  Trust the professionals at Gregory Restoration to handle all of your mold and water damage cleanup problems.

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