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Home Owner’s Insurance – Mold and Water Damage in Orange County 

Homeowners insurance is generally a confusing topic. There are a lot of things that you need to know and plenty of things to take into consideration. In regards to your home, you want to ensure that you have all of the insurance coverage that is needed in the unfortunate event of an accident, tragedy or perhaps, an act of nature. This informative article is going to give you some excellent advice on being positive that you have everything you need.

When you move from one home to another, make sure that your personal belongings are already insured before the move. This might mean purchasing insurance from your moving company. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover belongings that are lost, damaged, or stolen in the transit. Check in with your homeowner’s insurance agent regarding a “special perils endorsement”, which is going to protect your valuables during the move.

Water Damage

If your household has been damaged severely with water, don’t dispose of any of your harmed items before your insurance adjuster has a chance to evaluate the damage. You can remove items that were destroyed from the home to be sure that they don’t end up causing additional water damage to your floors or any other items, but leave the items on your property. If you dispose of the items before they are assessed, you will not be compensated for your losses.

When you are buying homeowners or even renters insurance make sure that you ask your insurance agent to apply an addendum for water damage and flooding. Many insurance policies will not cover water damage orange county unless it is specifically added to your insurance policy. You do not have to live in a flood zone to experience water damage in your home. Water damage can occur from broken pipes, toilet overflows, or after putting out a fire. If your home does encounter water damage, please call a water damage restoration professional immediately, if water damage is left untreated for any amount of time, it can lead to black mold.

Many apartment or home renters seem to overlook getting renter’s insurance. Even though you might have coverage because your apartment complex or landlord has fire damage coverage, your personal belongings might not be insured. You should absolutely get a renters insurance policy on your own, in the event that something happens, such as a burglary, flood, or fire, you will be relieved that you had the insurance.

Before buying a house, inquire about how much money home owners insurance runs around in the location that you are considering buying in. In certain areas, homeowners insurance is significantly higher because of several factors. In example, if the property is located in an area where hurricanes are to be expected or in a flood zone, higher insurance rates should also be expected.

Black Mold

Your homeowners insurance policy might cover you in the tragedy of a burglary, fire, or natural calamity, like an earthquake, but it might not protect your home for black mold, floods or water damage or other types of disasters. Be sure that you are aware of what you are getting into and also any additional coverage that you may need to buy separately.

Keep the humidity levels in your home low to reduce the risk of the development of black mold. Orange county mold remediation is often excluded from several home owner’s insurance policies, except in cases where the black mold resulted in a hidden peril like a broken pipe. However, it will be very expensive to extract black mold without home owner’s insurance to cover it. Lower humidity is going to reduce your risk for black mold. If you do happen to discover black mold in your home, contact your home owner’s insurance agent and a mold remediation professional in your area immediately.

This is all a lot for you to consider. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some informative advice and had answered some of your questions on how to ensure that you obtain the most reliable home owner’s insurance policy that you can have. It will be a better night’s sleep, knowing that you and your family have what they need.

Posted by Bill Gregory, Owner, and Restoration Consultant for Gregory Restoration

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