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Do I have Toxic Mold or Black Mold Symptoms?

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Do I have toxic mold?

Toxic mold has become a big concern for property owners in orange county, California. Find out if your home or business has signs of harmful mold and mildew. Musty odors or plumbing leaks? Allergies and respiratory problems? Mold, allergens, MVOC’s, bacteria and other potentially harmful airborne pollutants commonly lurk inside our indoor environments.
What’s in your air?
If the answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, it is possible that there could be hidden mold in your orange county home or building. How dangerous is black mold? Learn how to get rid of black mold.
* Is there a musty smell? * Are there visible signs of water damage anywhere? * Has the building ever suffered a slab leak? *Has there ever been a roof or plumbing leak?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, you should consider having a professional mold inspection at your property to determine if you may have toxic mold. If any family members, residents or occupants have experienced any of the following black mold symptoms, it may indicate that mold is present within the environment:

Symptoms of Mold Exposure

* skin rashes * fatigue * depression * trouble breathing * coughing * sinus congestion * nausea * sneezing * runny nose * loss of memory * loss of hearing * bloody noses * chronic headaches * upper respiratory problems * equilibrium or balance loss * chronic colds

Black Mold Symptoms

If anyone in your environment is experiencing any of these black mold symptoms, and they have NOT been medically explained, you should consider a black mold removal service. A visual inspection is the most important initial step in identifying possible mold contamination. This assessment is important to determine remedial strategies.Pinpoint the damage – where is the mold? Attic, crawlspace, or hidden within a bathroom or kitchen wall? All of these are typical locations for mold to grow. Determine the cause – mold needs water to grow. Locate the source of excessive moisture and stop the leak. Common sources include plumbing leaks, high humidity and roof leaks. Repair the source and remediate the damage as soon as possible. If we keep things dry, molds do not grow. Moisture prevention is mold prevention!
Avoid breathing or touching mold as it may cause health problems. If you have experienced a flood or are unsure what mold is, contact a professional abatement contractor to evaluate and determine remediation.

How to get rid of black mold

We are trained professionals, equipped to perform black mold removal and water damage restoration orange county services at your property.

Contact Gregory Restoration at: 949-366-1930 to learn more about our mold remediation orange county service, mold detection, inspection, and our mold damage repair services in Orange County.

Posted by Bill Gregory, Owner, and Restoration Consultant for Gregory Cleaning & Restoration

Gregory Restoration provides expert mold remediation orange county ca


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David —

We had a good size flood in our kitchen and all the lower cabinets got wet and the drywall and baseboards are wet too. Do you recommend that we have a mold inspection done? I don’t see any mold at this point but it smells pretty bad already. Kind of an earthy, musty smell. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

    OC Mold PRO

    Hello David –

    Thanks for your question. How long ago did this happen? If its only been a couple of days i don’t think you need to pay for a mold inspection. What’s important at this point is to get the damaged areas opened up and dried out as soon as possible.


Pearline —

Great post, really enjoyed it!
— Pearline


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