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Detecting Toxic Mold In Your Home

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Detecting mold in your Orange County home 

Toxic mold could in fact be living within the crevices of your beautiful Orange County home, but most likely you won’t even be aware of it. In the event mold is growing within your property, you might need a professional mold inspection. There are several indicators that you have mold in your home, and if you think that toxic mold is dwelling inside your home’s wall space, it is vital to make contact with a black mold remediation expert in your area before the problem spreads further.

Mold Remediation in Orange County CaBlack Mold develops inside dark, damp areas. Also, it can grow quickly, typically within 24-48 hours of water damage. Black mold can cause harmful health side effects to a number of people, particularly if they already have a weakened respiratory system. For this reason, when you have a pipe leak, a leaky roof, a flood, clogged gutters, or any form of water damage in your home, you definitely need to contact a water damage restoration expert as soon as possible .

Warning Signs of Moisture and Mold

You might not always be able to see mold in your home. Black mold can certainly thrive in areas that you may not notice (inside your walls, in the attic, ceilings, beneath floors, and so on). There are several different visible warning signs of mold other then simply finding the original black mold. If you have a discoloration or warping of your wall surfaces, ceilings, and or floor surfaces, you probably have a moisture problem that can lead to a problem with mold. Damaged or peeling paint and loosening of drywall tape are also indications that a moisture problem may exist. Due to the fact that those things can occur as time passes, conditional upon the age of your house, these are not dead give aways that there is mold present. If you do notice any kind of water damage to your property, you should definitely get in touch with an Orange County mold remediation expert in order to be sure.

The most apparent method of detecting toxic mold in your residence (other than seeing it) is smelling it. Black mold has an extremely particular odor, it is rather difficult to confuse with any other smell. Black mold is identified as smelling; musty, organic, mildewy, earthy, stagnant, wet, and so on. If you think maybe it smells like black mold, it more than likely is. Upon smelling black mold in your house, it is best to get in touch with a specialized black mold remediation professional and consider avoiding that area until you know for sure. Inhaling black mold spores can be unhealthy, specifically for the senior citizens, new-born infants, people that have respiratory and also disease fighting capability problems, and also women who are pregnant.

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Symptoms of Mold Exposure

In the event you realize that you are dealing with unexpected cold like signs and symptoms, that is definitely yet another way of detecting toxic mold in your home. Some unwanted health side effects of toxic mold growing within your home are; a runny nose, sinus congestion, eye irritation or itching (red-colored, irritated, watery eyes), problems inhaling and exhaling, wheezing, restricted chest muscle feeling, coughing, inflamed respiratory tract, sneezing, as well as mild to severe headaches. Should you be experiencing any of these signs or symptoms and believe there may be mold at your home, it is advisable to contact a black mold removal expert as quickly as is possible. By doing this, the mold will be thoroughly removed and therefore you will not put your family’s health at risk.

Mold Remediation in Orange County CA

If you suspect toxic mold in your home, Call: 949-366-1930  Gregory Restoration Orange County Mold Removal Expert - Gregory Restorationis here to help. We service all of Orange County, California — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – We are the best Mold Remediation Company in Orange County California – since 1993.
Posted by Bill Gregory, Owner, and Restoration Consultant for Gregory Restoration

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