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Asthma and Black Mold

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Asthma and Black Mold

Being diagnosed with asthma can affect several aspects of your life, whether you have recently been diagnosed with this medical condition, or maybe you are a parent or caregiver to an asthmatic person. In combination with the instructions and information given to you by a licensed health-care professional, these tips and suggestions can possibly be the first steps to relieving your asthmatic symptoms.

It is recommended to wash all of your bedding (sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and so on) on a regular basis, once per week at the least. Your bedding could contain microscopic acarids and dust which are known to cause asthma. Also, you should put a protective, plastic covering over your mattress, because you are not able to wash it. Store your freshly cleaned bedding inside of a drawer, or somewhere that it can not get dusty.

Concurrent health issues may contribute to your asthmatic symptoms. Most people who have allergies find that their asthma symptoms get worsened when exposed to allergy triggers. If you manage your concurrent health problems, you will be less likely to be put into a severe asthma attack. You should ask your doctor if your other medical-diagnoses will contribute to your struggles with asthma.

If you are an asthmatic, you are much more prone to get infections. Thoroughly wash your hands as regularly as you possibly can, primarily before you eat. If your child or baby has asthma, teach them this skill early on. By washing your hands with warm water and soap, you can prevent the spread of some hazardous bacterias that could result in a serious infection of your lungs.

If you happen to have asthma, and unfortunately you do not have any other choice but to live in an environment that is cold, please try to avoid spending too much time outside when it’s chilly. The cold weather will worsen the asthmatic symptoms or even cause asthma attacks. Spend as much time as possible in a warm environment, and also wear a scarf when you do have to go outside in the cold weather.

If you or perhaps your young children are struggling with asthma, it is imperative to have a licensed contractor to inspect your home for asthma triggers, once a year at the minimum. Triggers for asthma inside of the home are; black mold, dust, and any other types of harmful spores that could be dwelling inside of your home. More often than not, these triggers affect children moreso than adults.

If you are on a treatment for your asthma and you are coming to the realization that your asthma medication is not doing it’s job, it is very important that you speak with your doctor immediately. The asthma medication that you are currently prescribed to might work for other asthmatics, however it might not work for you. Your doctor might even suggest adding an additional medication to your asthma treatment.

If you feel that an asthma attack is coming, stop whatever it is that you are doing. Especially if you are driving your car or operating some kind of heavy machinery. Try to explain to people around you that you are possibly experiencing an asthma attack, as they could become overly frightened, which subsequently will stress you out even more.

If you have been diagnosed with asthma, become aware of what triggers the asthma for you. What exactly is causing my asthma attack to come on? Most common triggers are irritants and allergies. For some people, it is extreme temperatures or even exercise. Anxiety or emotional issues can also trigger asthma attacks. Being aware of what triggers your attacks can in turn be what is going to help you to find a correct treatment method.

Be cautious when beginning a new exercise program, and always ease your way into strenuous exercises or activities. Physical exercise is not an asthma trigger for every person with asthma, but every asthmatic suffers from some level of airway constriction constantly, by definition, which will make working out more difficult on your respiratory system. For individuals whose asthma happens to be triggered by exercising, easing into it can make it easier to work out without suffering from an attack.

Mold and Asthma

Be sure that you have your home inspected by a licensed mold remediation specialist for all allergens regularly, especially if your symptoms worsen. Some of the most known culprits in asthmatic attacks are directly related to the airflow that we breathe in day in and day out. Particles like; black mold spores and dust mites seem to be the most common reason for these asthma attacks. Understanding that your respiratory system has a struggle with these air particles will enable you to fix the problem. Hiring a licensed contractor to clean your air duct system regularly is very beneficial to the healthiness of an asthmatic.

You should purchase a dehumidifier if anyone in your home suffers from asthma and mold. A dryer environment is the most beneficial for family members who have asthma and it also reduces the risk for an attack. A dryer environment also will discourage the growth of black mold and harmful spores, which are some of the most common asthma triggers for sufferers of asthma.

For those who have asthma, it is imperative to avoid allergens at all costs. These specific irritants may trigger an asthma attack and cause wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Items that you should steer clear from are; cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, black mold, and your pet’s dander. Certain asthmatics are also more sensitive to chilly air or overexerting themselves.

Make certain that your home’s airflow is as clean and fresh as it can be. Wipe down the ceiling fan blades before you turn them on, and replace your air conditioner’s filters and ventilation system filters regularly. Buy an airflow cleanser for your household that eliminates dust particles and also allergens and black mold spores.

Visit your doctor to be sure that your asthmatic symptoms are not being brought on by environmental allergies. Black mold, animal fur dander, and other common irritants are known to trigger asthma attacks, however they can be treated with specific medications or sometimes over the counter drugs. You will be able to avoid most of these attacks by staying away from these allergens and residing in places with pure air.

Remember to not over-protect your baby or child that has asthma. Although, you should obviously be cautious of exposure to allergens such as; black mold, pollution and pollen, you also need to be sure to never disable your child from enjoying their short childhood! Carefully monitor pollution, black mold and pollen counts and ensure that your child enjoys their time outdoors on good days.

inspect your home regularly for any signs of black mold. It is advised to have this performed by a professional orange county mold removal expert because they can check in spaces that you will not be able to easily access. Black mold can be a sign that there is dampness inside of the home. Black mold can result in serious respiratory problems to both the young and elderly. Black mold’s spores easily can cause an asthma attack to take place, therefore it should be extracted by a mold remediation specialist at the first sign.

Now that you are more familiar with the common principles and secret methods of coping with this unfortunate respiratory condition, you can be on your journey to relieving the key symptoms of asthma, mainly the shortness of breath. Also, you can use your new knowledge to identify the major asthmatic triggers.

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